Your car is one of your most valuable investments. Give it the care and service that it deserves by contracting all of your car accessory and installation services through Automotive 12v Specialist. Our skilled technicians have years of experience in selling and installing remote starters, alarms, stereo systems and additional car accessories.

Serving Wakefiled Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, Automotive 12v Specialist provides excellence and quality in services and products. We can install or repair all varieties of remote starters, combining them with alarm systems if necessary. A remote starter can provide you with convenience and comfort, allowing you to start your car from afar. No more shakes and shivering as you struggle to get your key in the ignition or excessive sweating while the air comes on. By the time you leave the building and get into your car, it will be either warmed our cooled to your liking depending on the season.
Keep your car secure with a quality alarm system that will keep burglars at bay. We can recommend a system and install it or help with repairs to your current system. Trust your car to our experienced professionals who will be able to help pick the perfect system for your needs.
Finally, make sure you drive in style with music and accessories that reflect your tastes. Providing cutting edge stereo systems, Automotive 12v Specialist will send you back on the road with rich sound that will impress those who ride with you. Of course you may pick up any other accessories including steering wheel and seat covers at our store so that you may ride in comfort.
In addition to providing excellence in service and products, our staff are friendly and helpful. Call or stop by today and find out for yourself why Automotive 12v Specialist is the best auto accessory services provider in the area.


With Automotive 12v Specialist one call does it all! Automotive 12v Specialist can and will help save you time from your first phone call through service completion.

About Us

Automotive 12v Specialist was established in 2013. We are based in Wakefield, but also provide services throughout the surrounding areas, including Danvers, Everett, and Lynnfield.

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Remote Starter

With a remote starter. Wherever you are, at home, work or the shopping mall, you can start your car from afar to acclimatize your vehicle and get the engine warmed up and ready, so that once you arrive the car is comfortable and prepared.

Car Alarms

The idea of someone messing around with or breaking into your car is unpleasant, and even worse is the prospect of the car being stolen outright. To prevent burglary and help inhibit theft, a quality car alarm can play an important role. We experts in car alarm services, from installation to repair and replacement.

Car Stereo

Dream no longer about driving while listening to your favorite music in all of its richness with powerful bass and crystal clear trebles. This can be your everyday life experience! A high quality car stereo will provide the sound you’ve been dreaming of while you’re driving.

Auto Accessories

Don’t wander around the entire state of Massachusetts searching for automotive accessories. Find all you need at Automotive 12v Specialist where a full range of automotive accessories are available for all of your needs. Our large selection and helpful, knowledgeable staff will ensure that your trip is successful.

Window Tinting

Tired of putting up with a hot, sticky car? For relief that comes with style and added privacy, consider having your windows tinted. Automotive 12v Specialist offers excellent services in window tinting that will leave your car looking fantastic.