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Punch Dual P2 12″ Loaded Enclosure

The P2-2X12 is a dual P2 12” vented enclosure with 800 Watts RMS power handling wired to a 1-Ohm load. The enclosure is constructed with 5/8” MDF, covered in high density carpet, and features quick release compression terminals.

  • Proprietary high-flow, low-noise port
  • Constructed with 5/8″ MDF
  • High current binding posts
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

Hearing your favorite music crystal clear, resounding and rich, as if it were being played live in your car doesn’t have to be a dream come true. An excellent car stereo can provide the sound you’ve always longed for while you’re driving. Automotive 12v Specialist is a leading expert in car stereos in the Wakefield Massachusetts area. We can help you make decisions to choose and install your very own stereo system, or help with repairs and replacements.
Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable about the full range of car stereo equipment. There are three basic components in creating comprehensive sound systems for cars. They are: head units, amplifiers and speakers. While most people think mainly of the speakers when it comes to sound quality and potency, the amplifiers and head units also have key roles to play. We can help you create a sound system that works well together, making sure that each part is compatible with the others.
At Automotive 12v Specialist we know that your car is one of your most prized investments. You’ll want to take advantage of the already existing pieces that are good quality. That’s why when installing new stereo systems, we help you evaluate what you’ve got, and what your goals are.
What can you expect when contacting us about your very own car stereo? We’ll walk you through our products and make an evaluation of your current system. We’ll also discuss your goals and budget. Finally, we’ll provide you with an estimate and make an appointment to install your system!
Our staff are professional and helpful. You, our customer, are our number one priority. We want you to have a car stereo system you love and can be proud of. Call our friendly staff today to discuss your car stereo project!

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